Seeking Captain Ida Lacey!

What does Captain Ida Lacey come with?

  • This character comes with a complete integrated history in Sizael’s storyline.
  • She has the Harpy Barrel, a ruined ship in the Pirate Pokey Ruins (why not repair it?)
  • She played a small part in the truce between the Assassins and Pirates, by forcing Jaq Snatch to go on behalf of the pirates.
  • She could be used to lead the pirates!
  • She could be used to strengthen the Resistance against Havazeti!
  • Questions? PM Captain on Sizael or ask in our guest-friendly Support Centre!

Check her out here!

Must I be able to write REALLY well?

We welcome gamers and writers of all ability and experience!

Important note: Due to this character’s in-built influence on the storyline, she may be re-adopted out if her adopted player goes inactive.

Knight Commander Javen’s in Trouble!

As if we didn’t post enough warnings on Twitter… XD

The hints about watching out for greyhounds and to protect the Sizaeling Knights’ overall commander, Knight Commander Javen have united! Not only do you find out where and why Javen is in danger, but also a little something about Alfendyr and Havazeti that you never knew before…

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Things are changing on Sizael, the chapter’s snowballing.

Question is, will you survive this chapter?

Artwork by CathrineCruz.

The Crash of the Hirreen Siren

What do you do when a Hirreen Siren comes to your city? The people of Rajva City will have to figure this out soon, as this is the next Special Event on Sizael! Our own remake of the well known siren, Sizael’s hirreen sirens are based on both the more traditional siren (those that looks half-bird) as well as a more familiar beautiful lady of the waters.

But when her kiss infects the water, water-soaked items, seafood and the blood of men (and ladies inclined to date their own sex), just how long can the city survive in its trap, as each hour leads more and more to their death, just so the siren may live?