World of Seno V2 Theme Showcase: TONIGHT!

Afternoon everyone!

Later today, because staff are getting perhaps just a little too excited with how close the game update is, we’re doing a theme showcase!

That’s right! All other themes will go offline temporarily for the next twenty-four hours to show off one of our new themes coming with the update, the World of Seno V2 theme!

Chapter Four’s Running Super Fast!

There was always something about Chapter Four that caught SRSEPT’s attention. Whether it was that it was the next chapter after our longest running chapter, or simply the theme of “arising” from which we took it’s title, Chapter Four is living up to expectations.

It’s moving incredibly fast. The Resistance and Independence of Rajva are combined to make one killer combination that will progress the story forwards, and may see the downfall of Havazeti. Chapter Five: Revelations is charging at us at full speed with the breakneck speed of the current chapter, and if Chapter Four goes as fast as it keeps doing, then we’ll be running to catch up, with a brand new version of Chapter Five!

Yet, with every action there is a consequence. We’re in for some rocky times, Sizaelings. Are you ready?

Chapter Four Begins!

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This morning/last night at midnight, our staff did the Chapter Switchover! It’s been two years since our last change in chapter, but I think we can safely say that all the members who have jumped on today (and even those who waited up to be witness to the switch), are happy!

We’ve a new theme (look), created by me based around parchment, and the other themes have been taken off for a little while to celebrate the new chapter and new theme. They’ll be back soon though!

We’ve a new advert too, and we’ve already getting some great new Chapter Four roleplay threads. On the Road to Lemora and A Sky of Rope being two of them!

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