The Plot for Independence Begins!

Playing the Knight Warden over at, I’ve posted up the roleplay thread for the plot in which the city of Rajva will be aiming to go independent of Havazeti’s rule to then become a springboard for opposing Havazeti and deposing of her. I’ll admit it isn’t my best opener, but it will certainly get us started.

Of course, where is a political plot without forewarning? Havazeti and Boxien are already aware of what the Resistance would do with Rajva (those rangers are very handy for spies), and they’re retaliating already. We’ve already seen Boxien in Harmania trying to take the place of the village leader, apparently on the orders of Havazeti. He’s threatening pretty much everyone too, but then Boxien’s always been a nasty piece of work!

So, it’s looking to be pretty interesting, and goodness knows what will happen next - trying to get the city’s influentials and lords to aid them in the goal may not go down well, or may cause further problems! It definitely feels that Havazeti’s reign is coming to a close due to the characters, but if that’s the case, who will become her replacement with Nathaniel Galen still out of the kingdom?

Art by Nailmeister