A New Look & a New Chapter?

Work In Progress Skin for Sizael

Above: A work in progress screenshot of the conversion of one of our old looks, V1.8 Dark & Simple from Zetaboards to Xenforo format (by Captain).

Lately I’ve really been enjoying toying with skinning Xenforo (I say toying because I’m still making mistakes and taking hours to find them due to the new forum software). Before we knew we were moving to Xenforo, I had designed a new look for Sizael that would break away from the normal layout back when we were on Zetaboards. With a bit of tweaking, the layout could also be applied to Xenforo… once I learn all the new Xenforo coding syntax, that is.

Question is, how often should I be redesigning Sizael’s look? There was a time back on Zetaboards, back when we were insanely busy, when I would be designing new skins/themes just for the special events and I loved that - loved making skins/themes/looks that corresponded with the release of a special event, loved that they were inspired by the staff’s initial notes of what might happen in those events.

I guess I don’t want to stop doing that yet, and with Sizael’s new Questlight Challenges, it can continue by challenging the members to complete a challenge together and as a result, unlocking a new feature (in this case, a new look). Yet there is a new chapter coming.

With the way Chapter Four has worked out so far, all versions of Chapter Five were pulled apart and had their gems desposited into Chapter Four. It also means Chapter Five lost it’s theme and name. For example, for this game chapter, Chapter Four, we named it Arising. This was because of the theme - the Battle for Caften City saw the druids ‘arise’ from the shadows. More hints about Boxien have revealed that he ‘arose’ from Deabition as part of the Deabition Army. Lemora’s dangers have ‘arisen’, with the Lemorien Sickness killing its people. Chapter Five was going to be called, Revelations… but those very revelations that gave it its name are now in C4.

So what is Sizael’s Heads Up Display Unit (HUD) and Sizael’s ship Captain (me) to do?

Our first priority right now is keeping things moving - September is known for bringing slumps (ask any play-by-post roleplay’s admin) so we’re just combating that right now. Add to that the work taking place behind the scenes for the Love or Blood Special Event, and spoiler thread in Harmania bringing hooks in from both last year and two years ago, and we’re busy bunnies.

Chapter Four is proving to be a slightly predictable chapter, at the very least, it is for me as the storyline analyser. Right now characters HUD and I were hoping would step into the limelight haven’t done so, so this chapter so far is only being influenced by three members which is a shame. I understand that personal plots are always more interesting than board-wide affecting ones are, yet it seems that for the past few months, very few are trying to purposefully affect the storyline. Though we do out best to find things within personal plots to affect it, sometimes we just hit dirt instead of gold.

We’ve had this once before, for a small period of time, and we should be able to manage again. A lot of problems have arisen due to the Expedition burning out, as many chapter hooks for both this chapter and chapter six/five/future were incorporated into it. That’s our fault though - expeditions in general need to be designed differently from a management and ‘platform’ point of view.

Bit of a ramble this one, eh?


French Small-Sword

  • Dated: circa 1780
  • Size: length: 98cm / 39in 

The steel hilt chiselled on a gold ground and decorated overall with military figures, mounted and dismounted, of the mid-eighteenth century, bordered and enclosed by tracery in the chinoiserie taste. The blade of hollow triangular section, blued and gilded for most of its length. The depictions of warriors on sword hilts is an ancient practice but reached its apogee in France during the reigns of Kings Louis XV and XVI.

Source & Copyright: Peter Finer 

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